Scratch Film Negatives

Another old university project however the story to how it became the way it is is a good one. 

The project was to use an old Diana camera and take photos that told a story of some sort. I was super excited but the downfall with these cameras is light leak (especially since these were university owned and extremely well used). 

I wanted to show the city I lived in and loved, Wellington, through the old buildings and historic houses. However every single image I took came out with light leaks and therefore destroyed. I had 2 days left before the project was due and not many options. I decided to go to the local museum to see if they could pull the old architecture drawings for the buildings I photographed which I then sketched into the negatives. I then shot the sketched negatives over a light box with a digital camera and cut them into a movie of sorts. 

I don't know why but it's always a super warm loving video to watch and I am happy I still managed to complete a project thinking outside the box (or camera in this case).