Peek A Boob is a sensor and light based piece of wearable technology. With a mesmerizing stare and a cartoon like appearance this pair of eyes are watching you. Triggered by a lack of light, this second pair of eyes open (illuminate) as an alternative way of ‘seeing’ in the dark. When exploring the idea of psychedelic revival, we tried to embody the image of a ‘warped reality’ using highly distorted and surreal visuals. We explored ways in which we could alter the eyes to make them appear more cartoonlike and exaggerated. Using materials such as sequins, LED’s and fibre optics (as eyelashes) we have achieved our desired effect creating a larger than life pair of eyes that shock and captivate their audience.

Created as part of a team of two, Hannah Faesenkloet and Imogen Zino.

Featured on Kevin Cudby Online