The Looxie iPad App


“Making tv and movies accessible to New Zealanders”

- Tasked with creating website, iPad app, and TV app.
- Two customers we were designing for, users and partners. Users were mainly female, aged 30-50 and children ages 5-15. They want to watch up-to-date content, on multiple devices.
-Working with an external team in Poland developing the backend system.
- Extremely tight timelines for design to be produced.
- Content images had to be approved by media companies.

On behalf of a group of NZ investors, we were investigating some new technology and the business case for a transactional online video (TVOD) service for NZ. Ultimately the cost and complexity of the technology and likely returns from the market were not attractive to the investors and the project was canceled.


Outcomes and learnings: 

- Secured partnerships with Disney, BBC and HBO.
- Helped secure second round of funding with the designs we produced.
- Become confident in working in design sprints.
- Learned best practices on working with other departments, especially development. - Became a champion at an organized dropbox structure.

- The importance of market research. Don't assume people want your product just because you do. 

- Research into the companies you partner with to build product. Have they proven themselves before in the area you are asking them to work in.