Hannah Faesenkloet 

Photo by Thomas Harding.

For potential employees: 

Passionate UX/UI designer with 4.5+ years experience in startups.I have designed and project managed applications from the ground up as well as helping companies expand into multiple countries. I have experience in marketing, product, and brand design as well as business dev and sales. My passion is building exciting and meaningful companies.

Key Skills: 
- UI and UX design
- User Testing
- Adobe Suite
- Sketch
- In-depth knowledge of RWD
- Project management skills
- Great sense of humour and aversion to failure
- Constant self-improvement
- Sales development and mid market level sales (deal sizes of 5k - 20k USD per account)
- Business Development

Not all work has been featured on this site. Throughout university and the first few years or work I have been sporadically freelancing to gain further experience in the design field. For examples of these works please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.





Hannah Faesenkloet
+1 424 278 0863


References by request