Ear Conditioner


Once Cogo Digital was closed myself and our Developer were contracted for a few months by Trinity College of Music to develop a working mock up of an app to help train future music students in the art of recognising notes, tones, beats, rhythm and more. Students would start a test/lesson and listen to the sounds then chose their answer based on what they heard. 

Colour and stylings were based from the original Trinity College of Music. The user experience was to be as easy and minimal as possible as to not distract the user from their task at hand but also still engage the user to keep testing themselves so an element of gamification was needed as well. 

We built the application using Testflight which ensure fast turnaround of design iterations. The design was completed using a combination of Sketch and Illustrator. Sketch is a great tool for quick prototyping and Illustrator was used for anything branding.   


- The more documented the process is for both design and development the easier the handoff for future designers and developers is moving forward. 

- Communication is key when working with multiple stakeholders in different countries. It was my first real taste of remote working.